Review of Moisture Impacts on Asphalt Pavement Performance

Project Overview

In Western Australia, full-depth asphalt (FDA) pavements are provisioned primarily in metropolitan heavy traffic volume/load applications. Recent observations by Main Roads suggest these pavements may be subject to premature deterioration due to moisture ingress. While every asphalt mix has a level of resistance to moisture damage, mitigating the risk during the design and construction phases is essential. Critical factors identified for minimising the effect of moisture include the pavement design, asphalt mix design and construction standards. The WARRIP aims to enhance local knowledge regarding moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixes and their modes of failure. As part of this project, the WARRIP will investigate current FDA design and construction practices across Australia and overseas as well as summarise published research related to sources of moisture ingress into the asphalt pavements.

Project Review of Moisture damage scaled Review of Moisture Impacts on Asphalt Pavement Performance 1

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The Western Australian Road Research Innovation Program (WARRIP) is a collaborative research initiative between Main Roads Western Australia (Main Roads) and the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).

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