About the Program

Launched in 2015, Main Roads Western Australia (Main Roads) and the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) signed an agreement reflecting a strategic commitment to research and development, technology transfer and capability development. Specifically, it provides for a stronger commitment to building professional capability and implementing innovative practices that will achieve significant savings for Main Roads in total road expenditure, and a higher rate of return through targeted research.

WARRIP enables Main Roads to increase the capability and effectiveness of its specialist technical areas and deliver excellence and value from every dollar spent. The Program undertakes research into pavements, surfacings, asset management, sustainability, safety and structures.

WARRIPs’ mission is to positively contribute to the design, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure in WA, the delivery of pertinent, collaborative research. The program objectives that underpin this targeted research are to:

a) improve the specialist capability of both Main Roads and ARRB

b) focus on road infrastructure-related research and innovation

c) deliver effective project outputs (economic, environmental, social and value creation)

d) consider implementation pathways and

e) collaborate with other research centres, industry and academia to minimise duplication and maximise value for money.

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The program is measured on how well it has resourced and delivered the projects planned within the financial year, communicated outcomes, provided potential economic, social and environmental benefits.

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Our Mission

To be a leading voice enabling the development of sustainable solutions for a safer transport sector.

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Be curious. Contribute to the body of knowledge.

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Share our learnings with industry, government and academia.

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Support and champion the uptake of good ideas.

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Advocate for a better future. Seek value in all endeavours.

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Strive for excellence in all that we do.

Meet the Board

The Partnership Agreement Board between Main Roads WA and ARRB oversees the relationship and governance of the program, sets the strategic direction and agrees on the governance arrangements.

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John Erceg

Managing Director, Main Roads Western Australia

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Doug Morgan

Executive Director Planning and Technical Services, Main Roads Western Australia

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Michael Caltabiano

Chief Executive Officer, ARRB

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Richard Yeo

Chief Operations Officer, ARRB

Meet the Agreement Managers

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Natalie Lockwood


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Desiree Hamann


Program Highlights

Read our highlights reports to find out more about what the WARRIP has been delivering over the years.

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The Western Australian Road Research Innovation Program (WARRIP) is a collaborative research initiative between Main Roads Western Australia (Main Roads) and the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).

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