Project Status: Completed


    As part of Perth’s new Smart Freeways project, long-lever (between 16-22 m) cantilever sign structures were constructed and installed in along the northbound carriageway of the Kwinana Freeway. Due to limited stock of steel circular hollow sections in Australia, alternative materials were sourced that were produced to a different specification than the Australian Standard. While compliance testing undertaken during construction was fully conforming, there are some latent concerns regarding long-term durability. Observations from other jurisdictions over the last two decades suggests a number of similar structures have failed prematurely resulting from a wide range of issues. From these incidents, improvements in design and construction standards have been made, yet the overall safety and long-term performance has not been assessed/verified. As part of this project, WARRIP is conducting an in-depth review of the compliance concerns as well as developing a methodology to monitor and proactively manage the risks associated with these structures.