Project Status: In Progress
Project Keywords: GuidelinesReviewSafety


Every year over a hundred lives are lost on West Australian roads. While any death on the road is unacceptable, the State Government is committed to substantially reducing this toll. As a result, the Government has developed the road safety strategy ‘Towards Zero 2008 – 2020’ that incorporates the comprehensive Safe System approach (Safe Road Use, Safe Roads and Roadsides, Safe Speeds, Safe Vehicles) in an effort to reduce WA’s road fatality and injury statistics by 40%. In support of this objective, WARRIP will conduct a review of the Main Roads’ Road Safety Management System (ROSMA) and Road Trauma Treatment Guidelines, which drive best practices in the application of Safe System principles to road construction projects and activities. This review will ensure that Main Roads’ ROSMA system and guidelines are current and reflect national and international best practice, thus ensuring the best safety outcomes for WA’s road network are delivered into the future.


To read our Treat Resource Guide see the report on the Main Roads WA website.