Evaluate the digestion potential of crumb rubber in road grade bitumen

Project Overview

End-of-life rubber from vehicle tyres and industrial functions has the potential to be recycled in crumb rubber modified (CRM) binder technology for road building applications, such as sprayed bituminous seals and asphalt wearing courses. The WARRIP has researched the implementation of this technology in WA and found that the relationship between crumb rubber and bitumen required further investigation. This project aims to detail the effects of the crumb rubber source, particle size distribution, blending and storage temperature, in addition to digestion time on the rheological properties of the CRM binder. Results from this investigation are intended to assist in the development of improved technical guidelines that would see an improvement in product performance and an increase in the number of suitable applications for usage of CRM in WA. In addition to asset whole-of-life benefits, greater use will also remove a significant portion of waste rubber from WA landfills.

Project Crumb Rubber Digestion 1 Evaluate the digestion potential of crumb rubber in road grade bitumen 1

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